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Kimin, a place on the border of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam, did have a guesthouse. We got there by packing ourselves and our luggage into a shared auto-rickshaw. It was deserted but glowing a warm, comforting red in the light of the setting sun. The caretaker was located again with the help from curious, but helpful children. The caretaker was no less helpful, a kind and hospitable man, he provided us a simple, but lovely meal and helped us get settled for the night. Lounging on the porch, we listened to the tale of a stray elephant in the rice fields that almost made us stray from our journey and go off elephant spotting. We wanted to go, but the jeep for Ziro was slated to leave at 5 in the morning. Somehow better senses prevailed and we kept to our plans.

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