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Such was the importance of Kinsale that Cork was described as being near to Kinsale – a complete role reversal, eh?...

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The very first post I wrote about my time in this wonderful country was titled 'Ireland - 50 Shades of Green, Blue & Beer' - you can find this on my website titled Nomadic Lives (for some insightful reading, I promise); here are some useful links: 7 Travel Lessons from my 1st Independent Excursion - Ireland - 50 Shades of Green, Blue & Beer - 11 Irish Facts & Myth Busters - Coming back to the point at hand, I believe I managed to capture a lot of what makes Ireland special in that one single title. ...

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Desert Safari

The desert dunes around the village make for a good morning tour and some wildlife spotting as well.
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About Kinsale

On you day trip to Western Cork, the first stop is the historic port-town of Kinsale. In medieval times, the importance of Kinsale to Ireland's political strategy was such, that the neighboring hamlet of Cork, was described as being 'near to Kinsale' - a stark contrast to today's times, when it's exactly the other way round. Charles Fort - a 13th century star-shaped fort built to protect the port of Kinsale from French & Spanish invaders is the prime attraction. The guided tour by a member of the Office for Public Works is hugely informative & entertaining (the fabled Irish wit, yeah?). Much of Kinsale's decline as an important port is attributed to the sandbar in it's harbor. Cork was identified as a natural alternative and the rest, as they say, is history. Kinsale town is a charming little spec of culture and rural bounty. Schedule your trip to Kinsale on a Wednesday and be blessed by the weekly Farmer's Market, held on every Wednesday, right opposite the Tourist Office in town. There's great food, amazing juices, mouth-watering deserts and some absolutely amazing local life to be experienced in this market - do not miss for anything!

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