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Thailand is not exactly short of beautiful beaches and islands but finding an undeveloped island is not always an easy task....

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Ko Samui is where the Thai romance resides....

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Ko Adang Ko Tarutao Satun Thailand

Have a typical beach vacation at the non-typical Koh Lipe
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Pattaya Beach Satun Thailand

As the morning sun begins to get hotter, we stop over for some diving and later, parasailing. The sky and sea blend into each other and the salty wind is often prickly and soothing at the same time. The charges for diving and parasailing are not exorbitant and the locals are helpful and well-equipped. At the beach, we head to a little shack to book chairs amidst the chatter of other tourists talking in many different languages. Finally, it is time for some swimming and sunbathing. The beach at Pattaya is a little too crowded for comfort but the pristine shore and the translucent sea are enough to make one feel good. After an hour or two of aquatic enjoyment, we sit down together for a lunch of Tom Yum Goong and seafood. If there is one thing alone that makes a trip to Thailand essential for an Indian, it is the wonderfully balanced taste of Thai recipes. Spicy enough to match the fury of its Indian counterpart, Thai seafood is also delectably sour and crunchy. As we bite into another prawn or taste another spoonful of soup, we feel the golden day coming to a satisfying end.By night, Pattaya is a deliberately glitzy, slightly larger than life, pulsating, volatile city. There is much laughter, drink and conversation in the air. Groups of young tourists, families and the occasional lone traveller can be spotted in the streets. Everybody is happy, everybody seems to be living it up. One of the common attractions of the town is the local dance show. Colourful costumes and elaborately ornate sets make it quite a dazzler, Traditional Thai dances are alternated between popular themes from across the world.
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About Ko Tarutao

This island – located close to the Malaysia border – is said to be one of the most unspoiled islands in Thailand. It was also the setting for the fifth season of the reality TV show Survivor. While not exactly undiscovered it’s quiet, clean, beautiful and protected – everything the main tourist islands are not. There are no major resorts, no beach parties just an ample supply of peace and gorgeous natural scenery. It’s protected national park status also ensures there is plenty of wildlife – as well being a nestling ground sites for turtles, Langurs, crab-eating macaques and wild pigs are common. Accommodation on the island is run by the National Park and guests can choose from either a tent or a fan-cooled bungalow.

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Best time to visit Ko Tarutao is from December to February
Ko Tarutao

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