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Philae Temple (Cairo), Kom Ombo Temple (Cairo), Karnak Temple (Luxor) and Luxor Temple are some of the most beautiful Egyptian temples....

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Kom Umbu, Aswan Governorate, Egypt
Take a night time tour of the temple at Kom Ombo
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About Kom Ombo

Located in the town of Kom-Ombo, about 28 miles north of Aswan, the Temple , dating to the Ptolemies, this temple was built on a high dune overlooking the Nile.Some additions to it were later made during the Roman period. The southern half of the temple was dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek, with Hathor and Khonsu. The temple was started by Ptolemy VI (180-145 BC) at the beginning of his reign and added to by other Ptolemys, most notably Ptolemy XIII (51-47 BC), who built the inner and outer hypostyle halls. The scene on the inner face of the rear wall of the temple is of particular interest, and "probably represents a set of surgical instrument" . There are also images of Child birth on the wall. In ancient times, sacred crocodiles basked in the sun on the river bank near here.Captive crocodiles were kept within the temple and many mummified crocodiles have been found in cemeteries, some of which can be seen in the temple sanctuary today.
Kom Ombo

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