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We made a quick stop at the quaint small town of Kratie....

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Kampong Cham, Cambodia
This is about 262 kms away from Siem Reap. The charm of this place is in its laid-back atmosphere. Nokor Wat has some ancient stories that you should make sure you hear from a local. These are stories that are passed down through generations. The legend explains not only how the temple was built but also how the Chinese came to settle in this area. The beautiful temple still stands strong. The monument was built out of sandstone and dates back to 11th century. The central tower is adorned with Buddhist pictures. The evening was well spent watching the traditional Cambodian dance: Apsara dance. You can catch this performance around 5 pm behind the temple mainly on weekends. The children and teenagers surprised us with their charming dance moves. It is one of the most exquisite dance forms with slow and elegant moves.
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#426 Street 6, Next to Canadia Bank on the riverside, Kratie 10109

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Start your Cambodia itinerary with Siem Reap. It's located in the northwest part of the country.

About Kratie

Our next stop was 124 kms away. It is a small town in northeastern Cambodia. It is relatively remote and you won’t usually find tourists here. Our sole purpose to come here was to ride through the countryside and discover the many remote roads. We spent the entire day cycling around remote villages along the sides of Mekong River. You can ask for directions from the locals to catch up on some musical performance. It is a very quiet town and I surely enjoy a day travelling across this tiny town.

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