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18 Days
Into the heart of Asia -  The Thailand Cambodian Odyssey.

A maiden trip to Thailand & Cambodia had always been running in our minds since our College d...

Dhiraj Debbarma
An Indian Girl's Guide For First-Time Travellers To Cambodia 

Angkor Wat just before daybreak. Credit: Sharmistha ChaudhuriThe first time I saw a photograph of...

Sharmistha Chaudhuri
15 Days
Land of Temples Cambodia

Why to Visit? Angkor Wat & Surrounding Temples - Killing Fields - Long Coastal Lines & W...

haarika kanuparthy
22 Days

Arrivée à Phnom Penh, visite du palais royal de quelques vat et exploration de la villeAprès 7 pe...

Robert Neiluj
4 Days
Cambodia | Royal and Ancient Wonders in One

Cambodia is beyond Angkor Wat. A short stay in the Kingdom of Wonder showed me the country’...

Kim Buenafe
This Dirt-Cheap Hostel On An Unexplored Island Is A Backpacker's Paradise

Credits: Chris ThompsonAt some point in our lives, we have all fantasised about living on a magic...

Shipra Shekhar

About Krong Preah Sihanouk

This was my cheap escape. I averaged spending about $15/day, sometimes less. I stayed at the Apple Guest House in a pretty big private room with a bathroom and cold shower for $5/night. $5! It was about a 45 second walk to Ocheuteal Beach which had a bunch of restaurants lined up. I would rent a motorbike from about 8am-10pm for $5 and cruise around to different beaches. I also paid $3 for a 30min beach pedicure. Jackpot! There was nothing cultural about this place really.. I didn't see any museums or tours besides diving, so really the only big expenditure here would be alcohol for the drinkers. The real bummer about this place is the amount of 16 year old prostitutes who are drugged up on meth, dancing with old white men. Every night you see this all over. It is incredibly sad, and a lifestyle that they get stuck in. Another bummer was the lack of relaxation on the beach because of the young kids trying to sell you string bracelets. Pretending to sleep on your lounge chair won't help.. they will sit down on the edge of it and wake you up. I would rent a bike and go to a beach farther down.
Krong Preah Sihanouk

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