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Malaysia is an amazing country waiting to be discovered....

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Top Places To Visit 9 Spots

Bako National Park Kuching Sarawak Malaysia

"Stay Longer...At least a night!" Bako National park is one of the most beautiful places I have visited. Such diverse flora and fauna that the space enchants and exhilarates you. The boat ride to Bako is little less than an hour and once you reach, the seclusion and quiet of the place hits you. The island is busy between 10am to 4pm when most of the day tourists come in. Post 4pm the place is gorgeous. It's a mistake to leave the island before 6pm as most of the wildlife come out then There are about 16 color coded jungle trails. We went on the long lintang trail. You can see almost all of the vegetation types in this trail. It's a good idea to have a guide for two reasons. The obvious one is that you can get lost, and the other because there is so much detail that you can otherwise miss. There is just one food outlet and the stuff is strictly mediocre. The staff however, are willing to make some items on request if you so wish. You can see the macaques and the bearded pig by day. Come evening, when the park is almost empty, the silver backs and proboscis slowly emerge. They are gorgeous. The macaques come to the beach looking for beached crabs on low tide. They swipe the occasional beer can if you aren't fast enough :) Take the time out to go for the night trail. You will be amazed at the number of creatures that emerge. Go armed with a powerful torch and mosquito repellent or it can get very difficult.
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Permai Rainforest Resort Kuching Malaysia

"Gorgeous Tree Houses" The location of this resort within the rainforest is gorgeous. You can spot wildlife quite easily and it's a pleasure to walk through that evergreen space everyday. As expected with rainforest space, the woodwork does get grungy with mold and the humidity does set a severe pace for the maintenance staff. We had problems with our air conditioning appliance as well. The staff are helpful and they assist you with a change of room, or special food whenever possible. The cafe is quite lovely and so is the food. We were quite happy with the quality and variety of food served there. The beach is open to non-residents and is very popular with the locals. Be prepared to see crowds during weekends and holidays. Do check out the outdoor swimming pool. It's quite a different experience. Please don't put out food in the balconies as the monkeys will get there and not leave.
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About Kuching

You will find plenty of unique shops, cafes and restaurants (unique apart from a branch of that nasty virulent golden arch chain) and there is big bargain department store (go here especially if you are in need of a new rucksack for the rain forest).

Best Time To Visit

Best time to visit Kuching is from June to August


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