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'Seek to Get': I have been to the place thrice before although never experienced the way I did this time....

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Village Mohan Chatti, Musarali, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India
You got the guts ?if yes this is the perfect place for you This is the perfect destination For the people who wants to experience something different and wants to know what it means to be alive . Me and my friend made the decision to overcome our fear and decided to do it finally. it took only 5 seconds to realize how it feels like to be alive . I was so scared when i looked down but jumped after taking a long breathe and in no time i was flying like a bird I didn't speak for 1 hour after i jumped from 83 meter tower knowing i may or may not be alive :) I cant explain much but once you go and experience it ,you will understand me better You really need the guts, i mean it :)
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Well this is my mum's native village and I chose this place to be my first solo trip (semi solo :P). Near jumping heights. Can trek up to the village as well :)

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