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Mark Twain once famously said-“Too much of anything is bad,but too much of good whiskey is barely enough.”...

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Islay, United Kingdom
Holds a special place in the world of whisky. Whiskies from the Islay region are characterized by a typical smoky, “Peaty” finish. Every summer, Islay hosts a weeklong whisky festival, which includes ceilidhs(traditional Scottish storytelling evenings), Celtic music concerts, distillery tours, golf competition, cooking-with-whisky evenings and a sponsored charity “barrel push” across Islay. The festivities culminate in a carnival on Port Ellen Green.
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About Lagavulin

Situated on the picturesque Lagavulin bay, its unique pear shaped stills make it worth a visit Tasting notes- ” smoky, peaty & highly sophisticated”

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