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From Bakahueni, the nearest transport hub is in Bandar Lampung, which is a cheap, 90-minute bus ride away....

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I had this conversation with a friend a year ago about temples and how I enjoyed my trip in Cambodia....

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Top Places To Visit in Lampung 28 Spots

Sendang Ayu, Padang Ratu, Central Lampung Regency, Lampung, Indonesia
Krakatoa, Anak Krakatau Island, Pulau, South Lampung Regency, Lampung, Indonesia
The world's most infamous volcano is off Sumatra's southern coast, and can be accessed via Lampung (bus+boat trip) or from West Java (Anyer and Carita). It's actually much better (cheaper+easier) to get here from Java instead, but if you are in Lampung, you can also plan a trip to Way Kambas National Park, home to the Sumatran rhinos and elephants.Other amazing things to do in Sumatra: Dolphin watching in Kiluan Bay, Bukittingi, diving in Banda Aceh and the street food in Medan.Get in: There are six airports in Sumatra, and all of them offer direct flights to both Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta. Here's a list of the airports, roughly from North to South – Banda Aceh, Medan, Pekanbaru, Padang, Palembang and Batam (on Riau islands).Ferry: This is the hard way to reach Sumatra from Java. A public ferry connects southern Sumatra to Java. The ferry terminal on Sumatra is in Bakauhueni, which connects to Merak on Java. From Bakahueni, the nearest transport hub is in Bandar Lampung, which is a cheap, 90-minute bus ride away.Suggested itinerary: Start your journey from North Sumatra, which means get in via Kuala Lumpur. Here's a pretty decent route to see it all, if you have the time and the intention. Expect to spend at least 3 weeks on this itinerary.Fly in to Banda Aceh > Bukit Lawang (hike through the jungle for 10 days, or take a bus, via Berastagi) > Berastagi > Lake Toba > Jambi > Riau Islands > Padang (fly from Batam) > Mentawai and Nias > Lampung > Krakatoa > Jakarta
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