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Credits: swati kulkarni The Guide to Lonar Crater Lake Location: Lonar is a small town in the Buldhana district of Maharashtra....

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Lonar is a beautiful town....

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Top Places To Visit in Lonar 3 Spots

Lonar, Maharashtra, India
Buldhana District, Lonar

About Lonar

This is a crater which is said to have been formed long ago when a large meteorite crashed on the earth forming this crater. This is now however a trekkers’ destination and one of the best places to visit near Mumbai within 400 km. Trek route is quite difficult for new trekkers. It is a slippery way with an undulating terrain. The steps you see here are artificial and tend to crumble away very easily. As you get successful to enter the crater, you can visit the temples of Renukadevi, Ganapati, Daityasudana and Gaimukh. Legends also say that Emperor Akbar used to bath with soaps made from the green waters of this crater cum lake.Distance from Mumbai - 477 Kms

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