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While the central region of the island grows Posip and Rukatac, on the eastern tip of the island grows Grk, another white grape only found in the village of Lumbarda....

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Island Korčula, Croatia
When Frano Banicevic pours Plavac Toreta 2015, a fairly refined wine, it seems like drops of garnet dance and twirl in my glass. “Life,” he says, smiling intently, “is useless without wine.” This is the sixth wine that we’re tasting as part of Korcula’s wine tour (pronounced Kor-chu-la), a four-hour, must-do expedition organised by Korkyra Info Agency ( that takes you around the island, one of the prettiest in Croatia. It is a fascinating journey to understand Croatian wines, the commodity that is gradually getting noted in markets including the US, Australia,China, Japan, and parts of Europe. “Every wine,” Banicevic tells us, serving us a platter of home-made cheese, “is different vintage. There is no cut-and-paste job in wines. Each wine,” he says, pouring his next creation, Posip Special 2016, “has to be created differently.”
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12,, Ul. od Teatra, 20260, Korčula, Croatia
It is in Korcula, in the heart of the numerous vineyards, where some of the best wines are produced, that one understands why wine tours have become so relevant. In a glass of wine, there’s much more than just that—you are, obliviously, sipping on history, immersing yourself in local traditions, and tasting secrets of vino-making that have been passed down from generation to generation. What makes the afternoon a memorable experience for us is the lunch at Chakula Macaruni & Wine House (Ulica od Teatra 12; +385-99/291-5443) in the majestic centre of Korcula town—a mini-fortress, with cobbled pathways, limestone buildings, and Baroqueinspired churches.
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Dubrovnik is a unique and bewitching coastal town that has become the crowning glory of Croatia in recent years. The city is not only a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but also the place where parts of super popular TV show Game Of Thrones are shot. The Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Fan was also shot in this city making it a popular tourist attraction for Indians now! However, it's not just a famous shooting location; Dubrovnik has much more to offer. It is a glittering jewel in the Adriatic Sea bordering Croatia and it holds the power to leave you asking for more. The city's white limestone streets, buildings from the Baroque era and the shimmering Adriatic Sea will leave you mesmerised.One can spend a week, a month or even a year here and not get tired of this city, but for those who are on a tight budget, dedicate at least three days to see this city.What to see: 1. Walk along the Old City, Dubrovnik's best feature. It is the perfect place for a casual stroll to enjoy excellent views over the Adriatic Sea and the Old City centre.2. Walk on Stradun Street, the most famous street within the Old City. It is lined with shopping stalls and cafes on both sides and a great place to grab a cup of coffee and just relax.3. Don't miss out on Walking The Walls, a great architectural site in the city, and also the place where Game Of Thrones is shot.4. Take a cable car ride to Srđ Hill for the most amazing aerial views of the city.5. Visit Fort Lovrijenac, dubbed as 'Croatia's Gibraltar', and Croatia's most prominent fortress.6. Visit the beautiful Dominican and Franciscan monasteries. 7. Spend a day visiting the Elaphite Islands surrounding Dubrovnik.8. Take a Game Of Thrones tour and visit all the spots where the show is shot.Some tips1. Prices around Old Town are really high, so try and negotiate and go in a large group rather than alone.2. Public transport in Dubrovnik is also cheap and efficient.3. You can reach the top of Srđ Hill by taxi as well, if the line to the cable car is too long.Costs Per DayLocal Transport (Bus & Metro): Rs. 500 (50 Croatian Kuna)Taxi Starting Tariff: Rs. 60/kmHotel Stay: Average price for a night per person is Rs. 4500 (450 Croatian Kuna)A Meal: A lunch or dinner without alcohol will cost you around Rs. 1500 (150 Croatian Kuna), and with alcohol around Rs. 3000 (300 Croatian Kuna).

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While all the cities have their charm, it is the wine paradise of Korcula, inarguably Croatia’s most beautiful and greenest islands, which takes my breath away. From the spectacular sunsets to the high quality wine that the island produces, Korcula is the destination to visit. On a wine map, the island is divided into four sections: Lumbarda, Cara, Smokvica, and Blato, each known for its particular grapes, vineyards, and family-run wineries. While the central region of the island grows Posip and Rukatac, on the eastern tip of the island grows Grk, another white grape only found in the village of Lumbarda.

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