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You will see these small villages on the hillside where the whole hill is bare, but the villages are surrounded by trees. ...

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It is situated in a small village of Jang and therefore also called as Jang falls....

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Keeping our hopes high, we managed to reach the pass.The lake was frozen and so were we. We sipped a cup of hot noodles which which was rewarding. A small talk with the locals and some drivers going back , helped us chalk out a rough itinerary for Tawang. Energised, we took some pictures and started our journey downwards to Tawang.
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One of the soldiers told us about how the post operates and how the army has been safe guarding the place even in the most adverse conditions. His words gave us goose bumps. We then spent some time around and then rested for a while. After having spent nearly an hour, we trekked down to our car. We then headed for Sangetsar Lake. Sangetsar Lake was formed after an earthquake and is located at around 12,500 ft. The most amazing thing about this lake was the tree trunks that stood out of the water in the middle of it. The lake was semi-frozen and the view was very soothing. The driver asked us to not linger for too long as he wanted to avoid snow fall on the way back. We also stopped at the PT TSO Lake, one of the many other lakes which dotted Bum La. We came across some other tourists there, who were playing in snow and joined them. We then took some snaps and then finally headed back to Tawang.
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Lumla Village

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