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2 Days
The Ancient World of Madaba

The capital city of the Madaba Governorate in Jordan is home to some of the most beautiful Byzant...

Maithili Madhusudanan
9 Days
Jordan, lesser known travelling jewel

Panoramic View of South TheatreUnlike my usual self I didn’t google/ researched anything about Jo...

megha goyal
Jordan a country of Wonders! Not just one of the 7 Wonders of the World but many more!

I have always loved rummaging about places that have stories to talk about when you make a trip t...

33 Days
5 Days - 2300 kms & a journey named Jordan

“Why Jordan?” This was a question that all and sundry lobbed at me when I announced to the world ...

Indraneel Roy
4 Days
A Spiritual Adventure - Jordan

Candles of Hope Baptism Site "Bethany Beyond the Jordan"The Pilgrim Station -Al-Maghtas ruins on ...

Start Your Love Affair With Timeless Jordan: A Destination That Lives Up To The Hype

Jordan is home to a wealth of archaeological sites, nature reserves, biblical points of interest,...

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About Madaba

After visiting the church at Mount Nebo I headed towards the ancient town of Madaba. Madaba is the city know for its Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics. I chose to visit St George's Church & the floor has a mosaic map of the holy land, been protected in bits and pieces.Before viewing the map, take a look at the full-size replica in the ticket office, making it easier to spot the details that you want to focus on in the church. There is a beautiful market around the church shops selling souvenirs of all shapes and sizes.

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