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•What to buy: Madhubani painting (also known as Mithila painting) Painted with fingers, brushes, twigs and nib-pens, the art of Madhubani painting is practiced in the Mithila region of Bihar....

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Rajnagar Town, Near Kamala River, Madhubani

About Madhubani

This is a town and municipality of the Madhubani District which is about 25 kilometers from the district of Darbhanga. The name of the place came down from the name of the Madhubani Raj which was branch of the Bettiah Dynasty which got separated due to a familu quarrel. At times, this place is also said to be named after the fact that here was once dense forests of honey and thus Madhu- ban. Also Madhubani means 'Madhu' means honey and 'Baani' means voice. This place is mainly known for its traditional art form known as the Madhubani form of Art. This is popular all over the world and is a separate school of art. This form of art mainly revolves around the life of Lord Krishna which you will find in all its paintings and designs.

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