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We were a group of 15 heading for The Madhugiri Trek on a Saturday....

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With our eyes burning because of the thick fog...we made it to madhugiri by 7.30....

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Where: Situated in the Tumkur District, the trek to Madhugiri Fort begins from the town. To reach Madhugiri, take a bus ride from Bangalore.Route: The Madhugiri Fort trek begins from the foothills and has stairs till half the way. After that it's an easy but steep climb to the top, where the fort is perched. Spend time at the fort and head down from the same route. You are not allowed to camp at the fort. Since the trek is only two hours long, it can also make a great weekend getaway from Bangalore.Duration: 2-3 hoursShare a story from the time you went trekking without a guide. Was it fun, exciting or a massive failure? Write reviews, share pictures and create your own travel blog on Tripoto.
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A city dweller like me awaits an opportunity to get away from the chaos and bustling crowd, even if it is for a day. Madhugiri happens to be the first among my numerous trekking plans around Bangalore to get executed successfully. We were a group of 15 heading for The Madhugiri Trek on a Saturday. Well, I did not expect a big group like us to stick to the schedule as planned. Surprisingly, we were 2 minutes ahead of the schedule when we started from Bangalore at 6:13 am. The motivation to have an exuberant and eventful trek pushed us to do everything right!

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