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and for that I rode to Tunganath Mahadeva... Mahadeva is one of the Panch... the Tunganath Mahadeva temple... for Tunganath Mahadeva...

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Top Places To Visit 24 Spots

Kasar Devi

Almora is full of temples, some near some far. Kasar Devi temple is a pleasant and easy walk from Almora, some 7-8 KM away from the town. The temple here is old, dated back to the 2nd century AD. But the temple has a history that was made quirkier in the latter half of the 20th century when it became a spot on the map of the counter-culture movement or, hippies. Kasar Devi became a part of the international 'hippie trail', and has seen people like Bob Dylan, Allen Ginsberg, Timothy Leary, Robert Thurman and his daughter Uma Thurman (as a child) visiting here. As a result, it’s quite aptly called the 'hippie hill' and less often referred to as Crank's Ridge after Leary streaked through the place!
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Rudradhari Waterfall

A perfect Place for trekking, Rock Climbing and finally resting near a water fall
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About Mahadeva HomeStay

A typical Pahadi or hills village home made of wood and mud flooring. But the beautiful view of the Himalayan Peaks like Trishul etc is magnificent. Experience the village laid back, peaceful life. Taste the yummy Kumaoni food, or the very tasty pasta etc. The chai is awesome!

Best Time To Visit

Best time to visit Mahadeva HomeStay is from November to June
Mahadeva HomeStay

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