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And throughout the trip I felt like a maharaja thanks to the palatial hotels the country offers....

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You will come to know about the royalty and heritage of Maharajas at this fort and is must visit for people who visit Jaipur.We came back and checked in at Rani Mahal, a palace in Jaipur which was another sign of heritage.People in Jaipur are pure by heart and you will fall in love with the place if you visit it....

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Weekend Getaways from Maharaja 

Day 6, going Back to Kathmandu-ThamelHeading to the Bus Terminal in the early morning and going back to Kathmandu city with again 7 hour ride on the Bus..reach the Hotel at Thamel distric, this time I booked the hotel near the garden you should visit if you reach Kathmandu City.. it is Garden Of DreamsGarden of Dream , it was created in 1920, with 6 pavilions, fountain landscape,its design with europeans Gardens, really enjoying the view, you can sitting there relaxing with doing some activity like reading books, or taking some pictures ,you can visit the Museum ,and also you can sitting in the restourant inside enjoyig the coffee or some meals.

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We were back on the National Highway away from the scenic State Highway. Traffic is now back but the roads were wider and smoother. Only 1 hr of sunlight was remaining and we were far from our decided destination Mahabaleshwar. We stopped for few minutes at the first decent restaurant for some tea and snacks. Hot tea and Veg Biryani and the pouring rain combo was simply superb. We rode close to 60% of our time in rains starting from Ratnagiri till we exit maharashtra it was all rains and rains. We got the feel of our monsoon maha ride. Next few hours we rode through thunderstorm even our raincoats were not able to protect water from getting in. We knew this delay will prohibit us to reach Mahabaleshwar so we decided to continue on the very same road for some hours and then stay at some road side hotel for the night. Maharaja hotel is just what we needed economical hotel with a bed , a AC and parking and nothing else.

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