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 "I don't intend to crash a triple date" I joked when my phone pinged with a message from my cousin Nandan and sister-in-law Sayali. They had been planning an outing to Bhandardara, a hill station in Maharashtra, with Nandan's and my parents. I didn't exactly intend to go - my exams were exactly a week away and my preparation hadn't even begun (forget about revising!). After finally giving in to temptation, I packed a couple sets of clothes in a hurry. Excitement dominated over my sleep - we planned to leave by 7am, and I found it difficult to sleep by quarter-to-one. Needless to say, I felt like a zombie when I woke up. A journey in our new car was something I was really looking forward to - in addition to 'light' luggage it can easily seat seven people. However, the boot turned out to be a wee bit picky about the dimensions of the bags. After a not-so-successful attempt at being able to close the boot, we chose to shift the luggage to another suitcase. My parents and I reached the designated pick-up point in an hour - and the fun began soon. We planned to go via NH160 and MH SH 44. The distance between Mumbai and Bhandardara is approximately 160km and roughly takes about 4 hours.

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Best time to visit Maharashtra is from October to March

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