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The province of Batanes is located in the northernmost of the Philippines, and its smallest province, both in terms of population and land area....

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Mahatao > Diura Fishing Village > Marlboro Country > Itbud Village > Songsong Ruins > Alapad Hill > Chana'tuan Fields(Whenever you're pedaling your way uphill and are just to give up, do remember that it won't always go up but that the ride downhill will always be exhilarating.) 12:00 - Have lunch @ Canteen of the South in Ivana13:00 - Have second lunch @ Vatang Grill still in Ivana(Vatang Grill is pricey so we didn't want to have to order a full meal)14:30 - Ride up to Tukon....

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We headed to Diura Fishing Village - this is a sitio in the eastern part of Mahatao town where an association of fishermen called Mataw practices the traditional fishing for Arayu (dorado). The fisherman's houses at the foot hill, were mostly unoccupied. Because they only stay here during the fishing season (March to May). The fish ponds serves as storage for the fisherman's catch. They have ritual called kapayvanuvanua signifying the start of the fishing season which usually falls in March. The village offers a good view of the Pacific ocean and Mt. Iraya.
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According to our driver/guide (which is a Mahatao native) - the locals have cooperated to rebuild the church after the Typhoon Odette last Sept 2013, interior ceiling is made of natural Reed material locally grown. Beside the church has this old Spanish lighthouse. Southern Batan has its own lighthouse as well, the Mahatao Tayid Lighthouse :
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Next stop is the Mahatao Boat port - this is a natural port made from a small island near the coast, and enclosed by a wall of break water to prevent the strong waves from coming in. Notice the difference with the calmness of the sea within the walls of the port as compared to the waves outside. As an added bonus, we saw this Blue Marlin in the port which was caught by the local fishermen that morning.

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