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Perjalanan 3,5 jam dengan menggunakan mobil. Bila menggunakan angkutan umum bisa mencapai 6 jam. ...

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About Malang

(One usually does not find a lot of information on Mount Semeru on the internet and one reason I chose to write this blog was to help people be more clear on what they can expect) We thought we could head to Ranu Pane, which is the base village to start your hike to Mount Semeru, directly from Probolinggo. But no, not any vehicle can enter the Mount Bromo National Park (which has Ranu Pane). So we thought it would be easier to make our way from Malang (around 45 kms from Ranu Pane) and took a bus to Malang. We tried looking for an agency which can help arrange a vehicle for us to reach Ranu Pane but we simply couldn't find anything. We then did the best thing one can do in a situation like this - headed for some beer to a restaurant which had a good vibe and live football screening (i think ManU was battling it out with Leicester City) - Fat Louie.We woke up in our hostel next morning and made our way to a village called Tumpang - we got a lead that there are buses which ply from Tumpang to Ranu Pane. Ranu Pane is a good 45 kms from Malang - walking was not an option. On reaching Tumpang, we found that there are jeeps which take you to Ranu Pane but they cost a bomb - 5,00,000 IDR. And given it was Christmas weekend, no jeep was available. With our hopes of hiking Mount Semeru seemingly diminishing, Ramil and I sat outside an Indomaret (grocery store) on the road that leads to Ranu Pane. It was around 8 30 am and we knew we had only 3 more hours before the registrations office for Semeru would close. When suddenly a jeep having three people pulls over and two of them get down to enter the shop. Very casually we asked them if they are going towards Ranu Pane and on receiving a positive response, we asked if they could drop us there. They agreed, without a second thought.

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