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2 Days
Tales of a Wanderlust from... Copenhagen, Denmark & Malmö, Sweden

To the Great North... The Land of Vikings... It has not exactly the blog i had planned to make. ...

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About Malmö

The following day was shorter but interesting nevertheless - even though the Norse weather gods did not favor us. The big plan for going to Copenhagen was to cross the Øresund strait via the Øresund bridge* - made famous by its intriguing partial-bridge partial-tunnel architecture. I crossed it by the train from Copenhagen to Malmö. The fog was too thick to see through. Well, at least, i went across, to this Swedish Town, made famous by the famous Turning Torso. Walking around in this sleepy little town, i came across the Malmöhus Castle - a medieval castle surrounded by a moat, that presently serves as a museum. The sight from the beach was all white and all you could see was the sea gradually disappear under the thick mist... just like the town itself!

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