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So you’ve heard of the beaches of Goa, or maybe you’re a veteran of those waters, having treaded em for seasons on end. You’ve read countless blogs...

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cost. Drove to Mandrem...

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Top Places To Visit 6 Spots

Ashwem Beach

My Husband Introduced this place to me, and NOW its my Favorite Place In Goa. This is the one of the beaches I loved getting into. The water is clean and clear, you can walk more than half a KM into the Sea, as the depth is less, its a beauty of its own with the White Sand and Light Blue Sea. Mostly Whites have taken over this place.
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Mandrem Beach

Had enough, well then get moving on to Mandrem Beach. This is the relaxed part. You will see foreigners but they are more the family sort. The interesting topography makes a small inlet of water where you are sandwiched between water sand and ocean.
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About Mandrem

Mandrem is one of the best-kept secrets of north Goa. This beach is as laid back and languid as one could possibly hope for. A balmy tropical breeze, sea waves running hastily to the shore and unexpected simplicity, makes this beach stand out from the others. Yoga and meditation are the most favoured activities on this beach. Meditating in the lap of nature with the distant whispering of the palm trees makes this place a haven for the exhausted mind and soul. Nestled among luxurious palms sits a cluster of shacks with a view of the serene Mandrem beach licked by the warm waters of Arabian sea. You should head here for the beach-bound bliss and be warned, you might find it hard to tear yourself away.


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