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All of us do have an inner self that thrives for adventure and that gets excited hearing stories of other people's travel stories and always wishes to go on one such trip....

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Grand Bazar, Sri Lanka
I took another metro from near the Basilica Cistern to the Grand Bazaar, realizing only minutes later that I could've walked the distance. But it was August and warm and I stopped by the street to drink a glass of fresh orange juice. As I entered the Grand Bazaar, with it's ginormous canopy and countless stores filled with carpets, shishas and lanterns, I made my way past haggling shopkeepers and their ever-ready-to-bargain minions. I tried getting yappy with a local over a Turkish coffee and picked up a couple of souvenirs before buying myself a doner kebab and hopping on another metro that took me back to the airport.
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Rama's Bridge, Sri Lanka
So once i reached danushkodi i got to know that the transport mainly 4*4 jeeps to end of island has been stopped due to rain and bad weather. This is when i came up with the insane idea of walking/trekking till there alone(4-5 km from danushkodi). I was mid way through my journey when it started drizzling. I thought of abandoning my trip but luckily found a couple of guys goin to the end of the island too. So we three started our journey. it started raining so heavily that we could barely see beyond 6 feet from us. But we still marched and when we reached the end,it was purely worth it. The end of the danushkodi is quite literally one of the most beautiful things i have seen in my life.We stayed here briefly,for around 15 minutes and left as it started raining. This place is the highlight of my trip.
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