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We struggled a bit when the road towards Maravanthe beach sloped up, but then it slid down again and we took a breather whilst enjoying the view at Maravanthe beach (a beautiful beach, that too)....

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Over two weeks, I planned to cover these places: Coastal Karnataka (Murudeshwar, Maravanthe, Kaup, Udupi) – Jog Falls (Sagar) – Agumbe – Sringeri – Chikmagaluru – Coorg Take flight from Bangalore and return to Bombay....

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Maravanthe Beach

Returning to the Cafe Coffee Day, I had a light snack and proceeded to visit the Marvanthe Beach. I had heard a lot about the beautiful view at Marvanthe Beach where the National Highway 66 runs next to the beach and the Suparnika River flows on the other side of the road. This presents a beautiful scenery probably never seen elsewhere in the country. I was hoping to get some beautiful snaps captured here. To my disappointment, there is a massive flyover being constructed at this place. The flyover and its construction completely blocks the view of the river ???? . The photo below shows how the view was earlier (Photo Source: Wikipedia)People are no longer permitted to enter the beach here and one can visit the Turtle-Bay resort just before the flyover starts if he/she intends to get into the waters. The beach here is a private beach and is accessible only to the visitors of the resort. Not interested in going to the resort, I continued along for few more kilometers before deciding to ride back to the hotel in Udupi. Reaching Udupi late noon, I again had a quick nap of an hour before going to most famous beach in the district, Malpe beach.Malpe Beach is located just 5 kms from Udupi and is also easily accessible with frequent buses and autos plying to and from the beach. I reached the beach in about 5-10 mins. As can be expected with the proximity to the city, this beach was quite crowded. There are also quite a large number of stalls alongside the beaches for people who wish to taste some sea food or have some chats. The beach itself is abuzz with various water sports available. One can also take the ferry to St.Mary’s islands from here. One interesting thing to note here is, the beach has free wi-fi for the visitors. Though it is limited to 30 minutes per device, it is still a very good initiative and is the first beach in the country to have this facility. The sunset which I missed the previous day was very beautiful to watch as the sky was quite clear on the day.After capturing lots of photographs, I had walk on the beach for quite some time letting the gentle waters splash on my feet and watching the boats docking in for the night. I also had some light snacks before returning to the hotel. I visited the Krishna temple again, but to no avail as the place was still very crowded. Having had dinner at the temple the previous night, I didn’t stop for that either. Instead I had a good walk to the city bus stand where I dined at one of the many fast food centers. Udupi is also famous for Masala Dosa and that was what I had for my dinner as well. After the dinner and a long walk along the streets, I headed back to my hotel to retire for the night.
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About Maravanthe

The laid back beach of Maravanthe is one of the most beautiful beaches that Karnataka has to offer. What makes this corridor of the coastline unique is that the National Highway 17 and the Suparnika river run parallel to its rocky shore. If you plan to take a road trip along the highway, you’re in for a stunning visual treat. The beach, with the swaying palm trees, crystal clear water of the Arabian and clear blue sky, is a great place to relax. Water activities such as snorkelling and scuba diving can be enjoyed at Maravanthe. The Maraswamy Temple is located next to the beach, which looks dazzling with its virgin white sand. An opportunity that you cannot let go of is to witness and also possibly indulge in fishing along with the coastal fishermen. Tucked away in a corner is the Turtle Bay Beach Resort that almost merges with the sand and the sea. Grab a beer and watch the beauty of the confluence of nature as the sun goes down the horizon. If you are looking forward to spending some time away from the bustling cities, Maravanthe is an ideal beach to hit because of it serenity and picturesque setting.

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