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I had been so dull for few days and atlast hit the road for trek to Marotichal with a few of my friends. Its around 70-75kms from Kochi...

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called Marottichal, 20kms... from Thrissur. Marottichal is a unique.... Best part: Marottichal’s... was next, around 130kms from Marottichal...

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Top Places To Visit 3 Spots

Athirappilly Waterfalls

Athirapally Falls - A mighty falls from Chalkudy river, one of the finest attractions in Kerala
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Ezhattumugham Prakriti Gramam

At one point, the Chalakudy gets by the islets and boulders into seven flowing streams, and that is how Ezhattumugham (seven faces of a river) gets its name. During the non-monsoon months, the river bares its beautiful depths and you can walk on the boulders and islets through shallow water, right to the other bank of the river. During the monsoon, the river hides the smaller islets and the water sometimes reaches the road by the banks.
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About Marottichal

I always thought that Niagara falls were the prettiest until I discovered a place called Marottichal, 20kms from Thrissur. Marottichal is a unique place with jaw-dropping visuals (waterfalls especially) that could easily become any film maker’s dream location. It’s a place that is off the beaten path (Tip no. 2) and offers lot to trekkers and yes, not to forget budding photographers. Best part: Marottichal’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it is less explored. Go traverse this spot before others and do not forget to thank me well.

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