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About Marrakesh

Marrakech, the hub of night life, a city that never sleeps especially over the weekends. It is a city which runs practically on tourists. There is never a point where tourists are not roaming around the roads of the city. There is a Film city in Marrakech where many films have been shot, such as Gladiator, Mummy and Body of Lies. It is huge, the entire set is massive, there are ships and thrones, and many other objects. Through Marrakech one can also visit the Sahara desert, which is magnificent. There are hover boards, or jeeps one can hire which you can drive around the desert. Also there are camel rides which one can take, and stay in the desert for a night. The desert in the night is beautiful yet scary, as you cannot see anything except the stars. The tents that placed in the desert for the stay are extremely comfortable. Also the people make fresh dinner accompanied with bonfire arrangement. In the night there are guards who are keeping a watch out for the foxes that come out only at night.

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