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1 Westport, County Mayo Photo: Pawel Sadowski Westport, County Mayo, is a town in County Mayo in Ireland....

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Mukteshwar is around 350 kms from New Delhi....

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Westport Industrial Area, Westport, Mayo, Ireland
Sea Kayaking in Clew Bay, Ireland The sun was shining and the sky was blue, which had us questioning if we were still in Ireland as we kayaked around Clew Bay, and took in the serene landscape. Surrounded by lush green islands we had a calm and clear liquid highway to paddle on and explore the area. After leaving the Isle of Inishturk, we stayed in Westport for a few days, and while there we were able to go sea kayaking in Clew Bay. Clew bay is a natural ocean bay located in county Mayo. It is made up of a couple hundred islands and is ruled over by Croagh Patrick, Ireland’s holy mountain. Clew bay was the perfect choice for kayaking with our friends at Adventure Islands. We started the day at Rosmoney Pier where we met the rest of our group, and instructors for the day. We were outfitted and instructed before sliding into our kayaks and turned loose on the bay. We were using sit-in kayaks which were totally new to Clayton and I, but I thought with our previous experience using sit on top kayaks on numerous occasions that this would be a piece of cake. I was wrong. Apparently Clayton and I both have “high centers of gravity” (is that a fat joke?) which makes us very prone to wobbles in the kayaks and tipping over. Talk about embarrassing, I was in my kayak maybe 2 minutes and less than five feet from the shore when I fell out of my nice dry kayak, into the lovely freezing Atlantic. Sadly out of the five other people who were kayaking with us, we were the only two that went “swimming” that day. The landscape really was breathtaking. From the azure blue sky bringing us rare warm sunshine, to the dark blues and greens of the sparkling water where the seaweed reached up from the depths, doing its best to slow down our gliding kayaks. The plentiful islands we navigated around each offered a varied landscape from bountiful yellow flowers to fluffy white sheep. I even saw a sheepdog driving a speed boat!…or at least helping. We had an enjoyable and beautiful day kayaking around Clew Bay. Thanks to our instructors Gemma, Paddy, and Richard who kept us safe, made us laugh, and kept everyone else dry.
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