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But we chose to visit Meersburg....

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Another weekend day, I went on a 67km Bodensee circuit, biking to Switzerland from Konstanz to Romanshorn, taking the ferry to cross to Germany at Friedrichshafen and biking in Germany to Meersburg and then taking another ferry to come back to Konstanz....

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Schlossplatz 12, Meersburg (Bodensee), Baden-Wurttemberg
For New Schloss (Castle) you have to walk a few more steps up. The Schloss is very much like typical new German castles, a big building colored in lighter shade with a green garden in front. What is ultra-unique about this castle is the view! A co-traveler called this "the culmination of the day trip to Meersburg". You can spend hours sitting here, enjoying the breeze over the lake and the magnificent view. I was told that the Alpine range can be seen from this height, however bad the bad weather ditched me!
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Schloßplatz 10, 88709 Meersburg, Germany
Altes Schloss or the Old Castle, is what brings the name to this city. Built more than a thousand years ago, this is a well-preserved castle. Meersburg, translated means "Castle on the Sea". The street I told about, will take you up to the town, where the castle is, in fact the castles are *because there is a new one also*.
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We reached Milan by 5 PM in the evening.It was a great trip that took us back in time.


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