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If you behave a little crazy in Goa, don't be surprised when you are called a 'Moidekar'. The legendary village of fools, Moira, nestled between the towns of Mapusa and Aldona, is one of the four heritage villages of Goa. In this small village's lanes lie many old abandoned villas draped with creepers exuding nostalgia for its long gone Portuguese owners. If you are looking for moments of solitude, away from the common din, a ride through the backwaters of Moira is just what you need. Watching fishermen mend their nets, prepare their baits and finally get to it can be one of the best takeaways of the trip. You might also end up coming face to face with the rarest species of birds and aquatic fauna. Moira is also home to some imposing edifices such as the famous 17th century Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception. The pristine aura of this church is great for an aching mind, body and soul. Furthermore, this place is known for the largest bananas that can grow up to 30cm long and are reddish-brown in colour. Make sure you try this exclusive delicacy before you end your offbeat Goan experience.
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Credits: Aleksandra BoguslawskaNorth Goa is home to a sleepy little village called Moira. And it ...

Sonalika Debnath
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