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110 Notre-Dame Street West, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 1T2
Montreal, Quebec H2Y 3Y8

Weekend Getaways from Montréal  

A 3 hour drive from Montreal is a city with the charm of Europe - Quebec City. This place is a treat for the eyes, with some beautiful architecture standing tall. It is well known for its quaint Old City, it’s grand winter festival, and gorgeous architecture. The highlight is the Chateau Frontenac, which overlooks the St. Lawrence river. Just outside of Quebec City, along the northern shore of the St Lawrence, it is worth stopping at Montmorency Falls - it is the highest waterfall in the province of Quebec and is a nice place to stretch the legs and walk around.

About Montréal

Montreal is named after "Mount Royal", the mountain named by Jacques Cartier in 1535. Historically, it has been the commercial capital of Canada and the largest city in French-speaking Canada. It is a cosmopolitan place, full of sexy people, great nightlife, and historical attractions. Most people speak both English and French, often switching back and forth in the same sentence (we can it ‘franglais’). Go up ‘the mountain’, see Old Montreal, ride a bike through the city’s parks. There is lots to see and do in Montreal (click the link to my website to get a full guide to Montreal).

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