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1 Day
Mount Abu: A Hill Station in the Desert of Rajasthan, India

A perspective of the Nakki Lake, Mount AbuA view of the town by running vehicleThe lake is a beau...

Raj Gopal S Verma
2 Days
Weekend Trip to Mount Abu from udaipur

Mount AbuVery warm Welcome and Thanks for stopping by my blog and yeah I’m a traveler not a write...

Hakim Rtm
Weekend Getaway To Mount Abu

Bored? Sick of summer already? Want to go to a place that is calm, cool and perfect for a small w...

Varun Upadhyay
Alluring- Mount Abu

On our daughters birthday, We visited Mount Abu, A beautiful hill station located at Gujarat -R...

3 Days
On day run to Mount Abu!!!

aThere is more to Mount Abu than relaxing and enjoying the city/lake. What extra can one pur...

Prateek Mehta
3 Days
 Beautiful City Of Lakes -Udaipur & Mount Abu (3D/2N)

Something about this place is magnificent. If you have been to Udaipur you will relate to what I ...

Aastha Sharma

Ross Island
2 km east of Port Blair, Port Blair, South Andaman Island
Just 15 minutes away from the capital of Port Blair, Ross Island used to be the capital and served as the same from 1858 to 1941 until it was hit by a massive earthquake and attacked by the Japanese. It stands today are an important tourist destination in the archipelago and some attractions are the ruins of the Chief Commissioner’s house and the church. There are a number of machine gun nests that have been left behind by the Japanese who took over the island during World War II.
Cellular Jail
Port Blair, Port Blair, South Andaman Island
Located in the Nicobar Islands, this jail rose to prominence during the British Raj in India. Many a social activist have spent days and months in this jail as a result of protests against the British rule. The building of this prison started in the year 1896 and was completed in 1906, The other name of this place is the Kala Pani Jail. During the British rule, any person who used to raise their voices against the British used to be trapped punished and imprisoned in the Viper Jail or the Andaman Cellular Jail and were tortured till death. Many brave men perished due to the intolerable pain.
Chidiya Tapu
Port Blair, South Andaman Island
Corbyn's Cove
Nr. Port Blair, Port Blair, South Andaman Island
Jolly Buoy Island
Mahatma Gandhi National Park, Port Blair, South Andaman Island
One of the 15 islands that is a part of Wandoor, Jolly Buoy is famous for its clear beaches and corals. About an hour away from Wandoor, the island forms a part of the Mahatma Gandhi National Park. Visitors to the island are not allowed to carry any plastic item and must deposit them at Wandoor with an amount of INR 100.00 which is returned. Snorkeling and scuba diving are what one should try here apart from the glass-bottomed boat rides. Do keep in mind that one needs a permit to visit Jolly Buoy and these are available at the Wandoor Jetty.
North Bay Island Andaman
Port Blair, South Andaman Island
Take a ferry from Port Blair for a day’s trip to the beautiful North Bay Beach. The North Bay Beach organizes a great number of water based sports and activities like walking underwater and snorkeling, However, the star attractions here are the glass bat riding that comes at INR 300.00 per head and scuba diving at INR 4000.00 per head. There is a huge coral reef that is home to many marine species that put on a colorful display. The beach has a lighthouse that one can visit. They view from the top of the lighthouse leaves one in awe.

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