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We reached Mulbekh at around 9 am....

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Ladakh impresses with its beauty studded with lakes, green patches of land, bright blue skies, unimaginable terrains and snow-capped mountains!...

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Mulbekh, Jammu and Kashmir 194109
The Mulbekh monastery was not one we could visit, after a local women told us that the monk was away. Even though I knew that the monastery had a spectacular stone carved Buddha, I consoled myself reasoning that it was a tough climb and we still had a lot to do on the day.
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Mulbekh 194109

About Mulbekh

Mulbek Chamba was the first of the many monasteries that came our way. Bang on the highway, you can see a 9m high rock sculpture in relief of the Maitreya or ‘Future Buddha’ as old as the 7th centuries. We passed through Namika La (12,198 ft) & Fotu La (13,478 ft), to arrive at Lamayuru, one of the oldest gompas surrounded by the very picturesque rocky moonscape, which is known to glow on a full moon night. Alchi & Likir are the other famous gompas that come along the way.

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