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We reached Mulbekh at around 9 am....

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Ladakh impresses with its beauty studded with lakes, green patches of land, bright blue skies, unimaginable terrains and snow-capped mountains!...

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Mulbekh, Jammu and Kashmir 194109
Back on the road on our way to Kargil continuously being impressed by ladakh and its natural wonders around us, a surprise was awaiting us at Mulbekh village where we stopped for lunch. The small monastery in Mulbekh was celebrating its annual festival on that particular day which they called as Mentok Stano (Flower mela). The monastery pictures an enormous figure of standing Maitreya Buddha (The Buddha-to-come) carved on a rock facing the road. Maitreyas are also known as Chamba so Mulbekh Monastery is popularly known as Mulbekh Chamba. The monastery festival is a way to build social companionship among people residing in villages situated far off in the Ladakh and Zanskar valley. The people celebrate victory of good over evil with colors, flowers, dance, music and masks.
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Mulbekh 194109

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Mulbek Chamba was the first of the many monasteries that came our way. Bang on the highway, you can see a 9m high rock sculpture in relief of the Maitreya or ‘Future Buddha’ as old as the 7th centuries. We passed through Namika La (12,198 ft) & Fotu La (13,478 ft), to arrive at Lamayuru, one of the oldest gompas surrounded by the very picturesque rocky moonscape, which is known to glow on a full moon night. Alchi & Likir are the other famous gompas that come along the way.

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