Murdeshwar Tourism & Travel Guide

Forget Gokarna, visit Murdeshwar this holiday season

People forever seek new and offbeat holiday spots to visit. Goa has long become over cluttered an...

3 Days
Backpack Trip to Gokarna-Mirjan-Murdeshwar

Gokarna-Mirjan-Murudeshwar.  Five people.  Estimated budget of 3.5K to 4K. As per the o...

Sonya V. Anchan
1 Day
Exploring Lord Shiva's Town in South India- Murdeshwar

I recently had the opportunity to visit Murdeshwar in Uttara Kannada region. The place isn't very...

Tasmai Dave
The Magic that is MANIPAL!

To those who don't know where Manipal is, kindly do not just assume it to be in the Eastern part ...

Aman Sharma
Trip to Murudeshwer

As dusk set in, we entered the ornately decorated entrance gate of the Murudeshwar temple complex...

Aparna Parinam
2 Days
Murudeshwar - Spiritually connect to Scenic beauty

Lord ShivaPanvel stationPanvel Station waiting for the trainMurudeshwar StationEntrance to Murude...


Best time to visit - January,September,October,November,December
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Best time to visit - January,February,October,November,December
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