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Also known as the Nagala Hills, these are in the Chittoor District and a hidden treasure of Andhra Pradesh. The hills are very close to the city of Chennai and are a superb option for adventure seekers. The natural beauty of this place makes your trekking experience even better as you go higher up. The Narayana Swamy Temple is another reason for which people come here. The Nagala Waterfalls with 3-4 natural pools looks divine. Apart from pools, this place also has water slides naturally like the artificial ones you will find in theme parks. You shopuld take the route covering the whole waterfall while trekking to make your experience even more memorable. Summer is absolutely not an ideal time if you want to trek and neither is monsoon. Make sure you carry a bag with an extra set of clothes, water and some food along with an emergency kit out here.
Best time to visit Nagalapuram is from October to March

Trips and Itineraries for Nagalapuram

Trek to Aree Falls, Nagalapuram, Andhra Pradhesh

It is almost a flat trek. Nagalapuram waterfalls trek’ is around 18 Kms from the ‘Nagalapuram to...

Bhuvanesh Waran
Nagalapuram Biking + Trekking

Biking starts from ashok pillar Chennai and ends at Nagalapuram.... Then Trekking starts from vil...

Viks Moh
2 Days
Nagalapuram: flirting with the hills (13km trek)

The famous "magic pool" on the hill topatop the hill - blissNagalapuram trek is one of the most p...

Harita Vinnakota
2 Days
Nagalapuram West Biking and Trekking

Kona reservoir backwaters.Shivu relishing tea !View of sunset.Somewhere near Puttur during sunr...

Naveen Reddy
3 Days
Nagalapuram falls: A stunner

The Lake in the morningThe Lake in the evening Inception point of our trail.somewhere on the way ...

2 Days
Trekking and Camping at Nagalapuram

Nagalapuram is a small trekking spot in Tamil Nadu Andhra border, about 70 km from Chennai. But i...

Rakesh Malik

Hotels and Homestays in Nagalapuram

Weekend Getaways from Nagalapuram

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