Narayanpur Travel Guide and Tourism

Narayanpur is a famous invest Pune region. Narayanpur is well-known for their God Ek Mukhi Datta. Often lord Datta has 3 looks in Narayanpur there is Ek Mukhi Datta. The statue of Master Ek Mukhi Datta is quite beautiful. The idol of Master Dattatreya here in the sanctum is distinctive from the idols that we see otherwise. You can even start to see the Padukas i.e. footwear of Master Datta here. We were holding placed in the sanctum by Master Datta himself before he remaining for Samadhi. Several devotees involves Narayanpur on the eve of Guruwar and Pournima. The amount goes in lacs on the occasion of Datta Jayanti. Lots of people come to listen the "Pravachan" of Shri.Sadguru Narayan Maharaj (Anna).
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