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. Travel to Nartiang Monoliths - 40kms... to nearby Nartiang Durga Temple...

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North East India is perhaps the most avoided part of India when it comes to tourism. Due to the political instability and local conflict...

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Nartiang Monoliths

Day 3 Hired a taxi - Innova for the entire trip from Shillong @ Rs.4000 per day. Travel to Nartiang Monoliths - 40kms from Shillong city - many people might skip this but because of my varied interests I found them interesting, these are MONOLITHS ( large pieces of stones) which were erected approximately during 1500 AD to commemorate the glorious events of the Jaintia Kingdom. Visit to nearby Nartiang Durga Temple And the best part of the day was the near by Tyrshi waterfalls - a must go! Back to Shillong city - visited the church - really beautiful Evening snack @ Shillong cafe - good and really famous Dinner @ Lamee restaurant becoz vegetarians are choosy and have less options!
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About Nartiang

A small village in the Jaintia Hills this was the summer resort of the Jaintia King of Jaintiapur, in present day Bangladesh. This place is also famous for the beautiful Durga Temple. This was also the place where the Ahom kings of Assam lived and the Shiva Temple here was built by them. Apart from being a place of worship in the wet state, it is also attractive because of the rooling hills and natural beauty around.

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