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10 Things That You Can Do In Peru, Besides Machu Pichu

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Go sand-boarding in Huacachina: Literally 5 minutes away from the sleepy town of Ica (see map), is the oasis town Huacachina. Bet your bottom dollar, you wouldn’t have seen anything more beautiful in your entire life! Book a buggy trip with a hostel to ride up and down the sand dunes and make sure you don’t miss out on sandboarding. Try to take the last trip of the day (~4.00 pm) to witness the sunset.
Bond with the sea lions at Paracas: Going south from Lima, Paracas islands a is popular destination for wild life watching. Take a ferry to the “Bellastas islands” and say hullo to friendly sea lions! Chuck Antarctica and meet the cute, human like creatures right here in Paracas. Yep, warm weather penguins are not very popular and are only found in Paracas and Galapagos (in Ecuador). The ferry will also take you through the Candelebra, one of the mysterios geoglyphs in Peru.

About Nazca

Take a flight over the Nasca lines: Further down south is the desert of Nasca, the capital town of the Nasca civilization. This civilization was known to exist in 300 BC, way before the Incan civilization (1200 AD). The Nasca lines in this region are large engravings in sand that are only visible aerially. Take a flight over the lines (~80-100$) to be able to figure out the engravings in the shape of spiders, hummingbirds & monkeys or just climb the watch tower (~3 $) to see some of these lines from a height. Also, visit the Nasca cementary close by to be surprised by how well the Nascan mummies are preserved.

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