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Mexico City

After exiting the airport I took a cab through one of the pre-paid taxi stands there (there might be cheaper options but I didn't want to waste the limited time I had to explore). I exchanged the USD at the airport, although, in hindsight, I think I'd have gotten a better rate at the ATMs. Me in Mexico City The taxi dropped me about 2 blocks from the hotel, it cost about 305 Pesos (~22 USD). I had booked a hotel close to Zocalo which is their main square. Think of it like the heart of the city; thousands of people throng this square during weekends and special occasions. It's the thriving spot of culture, politics, and all major events happening in the city. You'll find street performers, road side vendors, bargain gift shops, among others, at Zocalo. It also has the most important historic and architectural monuments of the city: The Metropolitan cathedral, National Palace (Palacio Nacional), Mueseo de bella arte, Palacio Postal, Angel de la independencia (the latter three are walk able distances away).


Anyone looking for a relaxing Caribbean cruise holiday should consider a cultural Cozumel cruise as it offers a real taste of Mexican life in a beautiful setting, with everything you could possibly wish for located on the small island. There are plenty of on-island tours to take advantage of, but the island is also small and safe enough for people to plan their own excursions and head off on a solo adventure. Deep Sea diving is a loved activity here. The historic sites and Mayan ruins are another reason to visit this island.



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