New South Wales Tourism & Travel Guide

inspiration from South East... to mainland South Australia...

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Buddhist temple.Drive south..., further down south from Kiama...

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Top Places To Visit 49 Spots

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is one of the most historic architectures around the world due to its shell like structure. Stroll around the Opera House for perfect clicks and for a great view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is recommended to take a guided tour if you are really a person of historic monuments and culture to know more about it architecture. Also, if possible try to attend a performance at the Opera House to treat yourself.
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Sydney Jet

Sydney is a lot like a drug, you get addicted to it after a point. Synonymous with Australia, the city has the most enchanting beaches, a thrilling food scene, the nightlife is unparalleled and despite being a concrete jungle, it is embedded in history. Sydney is unabashedly loud and ambitious, the people are the most sophisticated of the lot and the energy is almost maddening. If you desire to be in a city full of character, one that is proud of its raw self, Sydney is exactly where you should be.
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About New South Wales

The world’s first koala hospital sits in NSW, Australia, and comes packed with the cuddliest creatures, their amusing antics, and moving facts of their vulnerability. By Kiran Mehta

Best Time To Visit

Best time to visit New South Wales is from July to March
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