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yourself through the wanderlust of Taipei... breathtaking views of Taipei 101(image...)Besides viewing 508m tall Taipei 101... up close at Taipei 101...

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HouseInside Taipei 101Local Market... decided to go to the Taipei... how gorgeous Taipei.... To get here : MRT Taipei Zoo...

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Top Places To Visit 30 Spots

Tamsui Old Street

 Walk along the Tamsui old street near the river, and you’ll find a ticket stall that sell a return ticket to Fisherman Wharf by using a boat. In Tamsui old street, you can find a unique person that is look alike with a statue (the gesture, everything).It is so interesting to see. Not only that, Tamsui is famous for the very long ice cream cone. The taste is so-so, but you can take a nice picture with it! It’s very cheap though, only NT 25. Again, there’s a lot of food stall along the Tamsui old street that you need to try ! Not only that, there’s also bag and fashion store along the way, and the price is worth it. If you walk along the river, you will feel that you’re not in Taipei anymore. I don’t know if it’s only me or not, but the atmosphere is really calm here in Tamsui.
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Yangmingshan National Park

The Yangmingshan National Park is set on the Tatun Volcanic Group of mountains, a volcanic bed from millions of years ago. Today, the twenty volcanoes here are theoretically dormant. We got off the bus at Xiaoyoukeng to an overwhelming odour of rotten eggs, which Francis informed was sulphur, pointing towards sulphur fumes that were escaping from the steaming vents and fumaroles. Hot springs and yellowish green sulphur deposits are found across these mountains here, making the area a popular tourist spot.
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