North Cachar Hills Tourism & Travel Guide

small rolling hills and pastures... with cockroaches | The hill queen | Gorge... and supari | Through hill forests... | land slides | the green hill...

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of North Cachar (Dima Hasao... which passes through the hills... through the beautiful hills... of this road lies in the hill state...

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A tiny village, named Jatinga, inhabiting just about 2,500 people in Assam is home to a lot of cults and myths. Although this is not uncommon in villages across India, some suspicious occurrences here are making people hail it as extraordinary.Every year during the monsoons, numerous birds of various species are believed to "commit suicide" at this place. This strange phenomenon has led to many deeming this village as one of the creepiest places on earth.Bird Suicide – Myth or Truth?
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Jaintia Hills

This range of hills in the state of Meghalaya is bounded by Assam on the North and East, by Bangladesh on the south and to the west by the East Khasi hills. The kingdom of Jaintiapur in present day Bangladesh is the major portion of this hill and valley. The hills are known for the rich mineral deposits and extreme natural beauty. Jowai, Nartian durga Temple, Khim Moo Sniang, Thadlaskein and Umang Lake, Kiang Nongbah Monument, etc are some of the tourist attractions around the Jaintia Hills.
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North Cachar Hills

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