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Train ride tour to North Korea from Dandong- Pyongyang 4 day 3 nights group tour which is far more interesting than fly into North Korea....

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‪#‎Tripoto‬ ‪#‎MumbaiHights‬ ‪#‎DestinationsUndefined‬ says that "The Almighty has listen to all those prayers" and the gentle shower of rain is gradually coming our way :) .....with the pleasant atmosphere around while listing to‪#‎TereBin‬ from ‪#‎Wazir‬ and sipping a cup of tea at my terrace garden ....i remember all my ‪#‎TravelDairies‬ and hear i am going to shear my experience during ‪#‎KhardunglaPass‬ ‪#‎Diskit‬ ‪#‎NubraValley‬ ‪#‎Hunder‬‪#‎Panamik‬ and ‪#‎SamtanlingMonastery‬ incredible route to travel for the first time...this route is recommended for at least 02 days....our travel started with a bright sunny morning an amazing driver of‪#‎TOYOTAINNOVA‬ accompanied by the dear husband Ravindra Kumar...with some bare minimum essentials (Water/Cup-Noddles/strong Woolens and some candies) that everyone is suppose to carry to take a better care of themselves.....driving down the valleys wild we came across river ‪#‎Indus‬...where.... with the opening of the tourist season ....... people were setting up their temporary tent-houses alongside Indus to attract the tourist...most of the area is under Indian army and mostly these are great people manning and managing the show....crossing the smooth ‪#‎BRO‬ roads we reached ‪#‎SouthPullu‬ and took a tea break ....had the most delicious‪#‎Momos‬ (made of local spinach..because there is hardly anything to grow) with ‪#‎HoneyGingerLemonTea‬ .....and got to know the fact that south pullu is the first point in this route where the actual acclimatization starts....and will take you till the height of ‪#‎18380feetAboveTheSeaLevel‬ and "not beyond" because the ‪#‎HighestMotorableRoad‬ in the world ends there and that place is called ‪#‎Khardungla‬ .....these small things at times.....for a person like me.....make the journeys even more interesting.... the direction of NorthPullu onward is actually towards North-East of Leh....and the distance of #NubraValley is around 150Km from Leh. .......going ahead alongside the road i saw some small capillaries of water bodies were joining in the middle of ‪#‎colddesert‬ where people were busy clicking their pictures inquisitive mind asked the driver about that......and humble driver in his response told me that its " Shyok River" meets the Nubra or Siachan River to form a large valley that separates Ladakh and Karakoram Ranges.its basically a subsidiary of River Indus......and than a long stretch of Ice-Covered Mountain ranges ...super narrow roads and we reached the great Khardungla a height of 18,380 feet above the sea felt actually "on the top of the world"...... a superchill feel when at the temp of -30 degrees you face a snow-fall ...........your hand are immediately frozen soon after coming out of the car ...eyelets have a layer of fresh ice..roads become slippery ..and a huge absolutely fresh mountain develops just in front of the "loo"...... while you are so desperate to go there.........

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Soon after we reached North Pullu, submitted our self declared ILPs and moved ahead. We broke out for lunch somewhere on the road. Some Soups, Paranthas, Ladakhi tea is what we had and moved ahead. The actual plan was to visit Turtuk as well but since that was dropped the earlier day, we were moving ahead with many photo and sutta breaks. The views and hues change at every corner after you pass Khardung village. Now suddenly there was an urge to reach Hunder sooner. So we decided to move at a faster pace. Rigzin showed me the road which goes towards Pangong Tso via Agham. And we had the first glimpse of muddy shyok river. From the distance it was as if we were watching some marshland but the nearer we reached, we could see the immense force of water. The river was in full flow I suppose. I was praying that we should be in a position to take our desired Agham route. We passed Khalsar and next destination was Deskit Monastery. The giant statue of Maitreya Buddha was seen from distance and we’re excited to see it. Right from the top you get a 360 view of the entire valley and its HUGE, trust me it is. After a mandatory photo shoot of the area & us we broke forward, bought some fruits some local bread from market in Deskit and we were on our way to Hunder. The road again zigzags through and suddenly there was piles of sand could be seen in distance, famous White Sand Dunes of Hunder. We decided to check in some home stay first get fresh and then visit the dunes. So we checked into Yourdum Guesthouse which is a lovely place surrounded by apple, apricot plantation and a stream which flows right next to the bungalow. We hurriedly freshened up and moved towards Sand Dunes. It’s nothing but wonder that you have this place tucked away between huge mountains on two sides, a river which flows at a good pace and some lush greenery and the SAND DUNES. There is also a stream which flows nearby in full force carrying cold glacial water. WOW, simply amazing this place is. None of us really wanted to do a camel ride so we just enjoyed the dunes walking far distances into a corner sitting there and chitchatting. We even watched a Culture Performance by some locals. We came back really tired, and were served a tasty dinner. We were so hungry, we simply ate in silence. I was chatting with Rigzin regarding next day plan and it was decided to start our day as early as 6 so avoid any issues on Shyok River road. I passed this plan along to others and we went to sleep after few games of cards. 

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Best time to visit North Pullu is from October to May
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