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First off, my most sincere apologies for the delay in posting this article. It’s terrible having to get back to your work routine after a vacation...

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Oppa! I’m back from my fantastic vacation in beautiful Greece, completely tanned (I don’t regret it one bit!), and rejuvenated, that little wonder...

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I reached Santorini with an early morning boat from Crete, a mere two-hour-and-twenty-minute journey that led me to another world. It wasn't exactly cheap (55€), but if there was one island that I really wanted to visit it was Santorini.When you get off the boat you'll find yourself at the bottom of a very high cliff and you'll necessarily have to take a bus (€2,20) to tackle the long hairpin road to the main town, Fira (also spelled Thira or Thera).
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Santorini Island

Romance is another name for Santorini, for if you will not fall in love with this beauty, you will not fall in love with anything else. Dramatic cliff tops, overlooking the striking blue Aegan sea and the sparkling white architecture make this volcanic island the coolest place to be for honeymooners.
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Notio Aigaio

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