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"Greece is prettier than you would imagine" - We had a wonderful time in our short visit (7 days) during May-June 2014....

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I reached Santorini with an early morning boat from Crete, a mere two-hour-and-twenty-minute journey that led me to another world. It wasn't exactly cheap (55€), but if there was one island that I really wanted to visit it was Santorini.When you get off the boat you'll find yourself at the bottom of a very high cliff and you'll necessarily have to take a bus (€2,20) to tackle the long hairpin road to the main town, Fira (also spelled Thira or Thera).
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As soon as someone hears the name of Santorini, what flashes in front of the eyes are the monochrome picture of this beach town bathed in white and blue. Only here santorini is mentioned because of its historical significance and the Akrotiri Excavations it boasts of. The excavations at Akrotiri have uncovered one of the most important prehistoric settlements of the Aegean. The volcanic materials had enveloped the entire island and the town itself when it erupted long ago. These materials, however, have been protected up to date the buildings and their contents, similar to Pompeii and attracts throngs of avid historians.
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