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I think the first weekend I spent not doing a damn thing is when I realized I actually live in Europe and I am not on some kind of extended vacation that will come to an abrupt end in the very near future....

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More time spent relaxing, this time in the fortress courtyards, and then it was back down to the city of Salzburg....

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Monchsberg 34, Salzburg 5020
The majestic castle forms the backdrop to Salzburg skyline.
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About Salzburg

Indulge in a Käsekrainer for lunchBack in Salzburg from Mondsee, head to the University area to grab a delicious Kasekrainer for lunch. It's a massive sausage usually made of chicken and lots of cheese. Served with mustard or relish, it's about 4 euros and extremely filling. A little known fact, it's a great cure for a hangover!Enjoy an evening at the Old TownStart at St Peter's Cemetery which is one of the oldest in the region. Once you get out, you come to Salzburg's oldest bakery where a watermill is still in use. Walk around to the Salzburg cathedral and marvel at its beautiful dome. Then head to the city's main shopping street or Getreidegasse. It's filled with tourists but you can score some touristy bric a brac for a budget if one is keen. Gaze at the famous yellow building on the street which was famously Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's house. The composer was born there in 1756. Cross the Salzach and head to the Mirabell Gardens. The baroque garden is beautifully kept and if you're a fan of the Sound of Music, you'll know a portion of the Do Re Mi song was shot here. Then head to Schloss Hellbrunn. The alley by its side is where Maria and the children rode their bicycles while the facade of the palace is what's shown in the film as the Von Trapps' entrance to their residence. The gardens have the famous gazebo where Liezel and Rolf danced to '16 going on 17' on a stormy night. Relax there, drink a beer or coffee, read a book for sometime. Then, finally head to Schloss Leopoldskron where the boat scene was shot. Remember when they all fell into the water as the Captain stared? Yup, that's where you can take a picture of the lake. After all the walking around, if you're still in the mood, walk up to the Hohensalzburg Fortress to get a perfect view of the city!

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Best time to visit Salzburg is from February to May

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