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This was the best sunset I have seen till date. We took a shared cab to Oia and started walking into streets of Oia to reach sunset point. The place was very impressive. All through were houses and shops. Everything was painted white. There were flowerpots with plants and flowers at every house and shop. Truly beautiful. It was like a painting come alive. There was a hotel at which we ordered some snacks and relaxed for a while watching sunset. It had a swimming pool and some beach chairs. After a while, we moved forward and there was the real beauty. This place was magical. To our luck, we were the only one there. Many pictures of Santorini show a white round building with blue top. We were seeing it in real. This place had just a rock and down was deep blue ocean very low and sun setting into ocean. Adding to it was a traditional boat going in ocean. We were least interested in photos and enjoyed the sunset thoroughly. We stayed there till sunset. Then started walking when we realised something running in our stomach. We then realised we did not eat anything from morning and rushed into a restaurant. We wanted to try all greek dishes. We ordered something and there came a big tomato with rice inside , a big capsicum with rice inside. They were are farm fresh and tasted delicious. After a delicious dinner, we headed back to hotel and had a good sleep.


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