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Day 4: Bagan Breakfast at hotel. Bagan is the main historical site in Myanmar. We will visit the great Shwezigon Pagoda, which was donated by King Anawrahta; Ananda Pahto, which is 170 feet high, with its shimmering gold, and a symmetrical masterpiece of Mon architectural style and considered to be the most beautiful among all the temples of Bagan; Ananda Ok Kyaung: Ananda brick monastery, one of the few surviving monastery buildings from the early Bagan era. The interior of the building is lined with well-preserved murals with everyday scenes from the Bagan period; Thatbyinnyu Pahto, a famous temple built in the mid-12th century, covered in white stucco, and located at the corner of the old city wall. Then we will enjoy the stunning sunset from one of the temples. Overnight in Bagan Day 5: Bagan – Mt Popa – Bagan Breakfast at hotel. In the morning, visit the Nyaung U market and you can explore the countryside around Bagan. Then, 2 hours drive to Mt. Popa, where you will walk up the huge volcanic rock on a staircase to see shrines for nats (celestial spirits of Burmese mythology) and small temples for Lord Buddha. It will take about 20 minutes to reach the top of Mount Popa and you will pass by many small food stalls and small stalls selling herbal medicine. Return to Bagan. Just in time for another spectacular sunset. Overnight in Bagan. More photos here: - The Temples of Bagan: http://www.myanmartravelessentials.com/religious-sites-and-temples/the-temples-of-bagan/ - Sunset at The Temples of Bagan: http://www.myanmartravelessentials.com/religious-sites-and-temples/sunset-at-the-temples-of-bagan-myanmar/ - Balloons Over Bagan: http://www.myanmartravelessentials.com/religious-sites-and-temples/ballooning-over-bagan-ancient-temples-from-the-sky/
Cox's Bazar
The natural, scenic beauty of Cox's Bazar has enthralled tourists for years and made it an almost-permanent fixture on any Bangladesh itinerary. Stretching out to a distance of 120 kms, it is the world's longest sea beach and a particularly must-visit destination if you enjoy coastal life. From Chittagong city, it is around a three-hour drive to the town of Cox's Bazar, and an early start will get you there by noon.
A small valley town, surrounded by hills and tribe villages of Myanmar. Lovely, easy hikes to monasteries and surrounding villages.

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This day, we booked a photo trip with a local travel agency in Yangon. We got up early at 5.30am for the sunrise shooting. Mr Kyaw, our guide was very knowledgeable about the shooting points. Our first shoot was really out tourist track. After sunrise, we came back for breakfast then continued our tour at 9.00am. We shooted in different temples with novice arrangement and some hidden points where we can capture the light. When it became hot, we returned to our hotel for a break. Though we already checked out, the hotel staff were very welcoming and let us use their bathroom.In the afternoon, Kyaw took us to more temples for shooting until 17.30. The trip finished at the airport where we took the flight back to Yangon.( Details of this photo trip is here : http://www.touryangon.com/bagan-photography-tour.html)

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Best time to visit Old Bagan is from March to July
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