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, Kyoto and Osaka. Obviously...

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, Osaka. Japan during Sakura... in Osaka, by sakuranomiya... at your airbnb home in Osaka... to Osaka castle Train from Osaka...

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Top Places To Visit 5 Spots

Semba Shinsaibashisuji Shotengai

Apart from the amazing shopping, there are cultural sites, world class entertainment places and also great street food found throughout the city. Just so you know, Osaka is also known as the Kitchen of Japan. Walking along this main street was an experience to remember as the covered walkways here stretches for over four kilometers. Can you imagine the amount of shops available here? Totally surreal and truly a woman's paradise. Then again, men would be pleased to know that there are male items available here too. Taking the subway here is a breeze as the ticket machines have dual language where English is one of them. Many of the directional signs are in English too.
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Nissin Instant Ramen Museum

Inside Nissin, we’ll be making our own cup noodles *clapped* So you can draw your own imagination on the cup noodles. After you finish drawing, then you can choose the toppings and the flavour of your cup noodle. Not only that, you can watch the process when your cup noodle is being packaged. After making our own cup noodles, we look around the museum. There are bunch of noodles hanging on the wall, and also a long wall full of the history of Nissin. I’m pretty impressed because the museum is very interesting with all the movement of the product (so in front of is the cup noodle, but if you slide it, the statue will turn back and show us the noodle). It’s kinda difficult to explain it.
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