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in the United Kingdom, why Oxford... to Oxford. Here's why: 1. Oxford... to this charm, Oxford.... That gives Oxford a different...

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Oxford - what a beautiful... city ... sigh  I was at Oxford... effective I reached Oxford high..., all over Oxford town.  Its a bit chilly...

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Backpacker's Hostel

Ecuador is one of the cheapest places in South America to learn Spanish. You can get private tutors for as less as 10$/hr. You can enroll for a class from within your hostel. Suggestion: One of the good hostels in Quito is the Backpacker’s hostel. It is right in downtown, you can learn Spanish with a tour guide registered with the hostel, they organize a free walking tour of the city every Wednesday at 10.30 am and they have a lot of activities to facilitate interaction with fellow travelers.
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Magic cafe

While trekking towards triund , you will walk yourself right in front of it at halfway. Though the prices are a bit higher then the MRP, you can buy Snickers , Mars and many more chocolates and other refreshment's . Cigarettes are available aswell. You can stop and chill for a while as this place provides a view that is unparalleled.
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About Oxford

It takes between two to three hours to get to Oxford from London. Of course, much depends on your choice of transport. If you are on a shoe-string budget, pick the bus as your preferred mode. There are bus services that take you to Oxford for only a pound if you book early enough, but the service, understandably, is not that great. There are other bus services, of course, and the buses are extremely regular. If you are a student, be sure to produce your ID because it will get you a hefty discount. A more accommodating budget might allow you to take the train, which will get you there faster and have more comfortable seats, but I'll recommend the bus. It allows you to take in the journey and the world outside the window. Where you stay also depends on your budget, and you will have plenty of options. And if you can find a friend of a friend of a friend who lives there, try and convince them to put you up for a couple of days. Otherwise, there is always a good old B&B.

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