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, the republic of Palau finally... with Palau for quite a while. 2 years... to Palau and the Marshall Islands.... So, what fascinated me about Palau...

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of Palau is a destination... in Palau for a maximum stay... commercial centre of Palau... are the most popular islands on the Palau...

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KororAfter that, I was back on the United Airlines flight again, on my way to Koror.Which lasted all of 45 minutes. No snacks were given this time, just some orange juice. And with some mild turbulence which I vaguely felt, I finally landed in Koror international airport.Koror was similar to Guam, with a lot of Filipino faces everywhere and the unmistakeable Tagalog songs in the few cafes that remained open even at 11pm, which was when I had landed. There were no taxis outside, so I had to ask the information counter for help. I was staying at a budget motel, so did not have the luxury of a pick-up. So, the information counter put me in one of the rides that was going to some big hotel, for a fee of 20USD.A quick note on FinancialsMind you, Palau is not a cheap destination to travel to, which was one of the reasons why I had avoided it when I visited Fiji and Vanuatu. A round-trip flight from Singapore to Manila cost me 210 SGD. And the round-trip from Manila to Koror, cost me 960 SGD. I had booked my flights very early, so YMMV depending on when you are booking. Also, I could gain some mileage points out of this trip for both Jetstar (Qantas points) and United, which compensated some of the expenses.As the mini-van left the airport with me and a couple of Chinese tourists, I heard the distant rumble of the clouds. It was going to rain in Koror. And I would have to find out how much this weather would permit me to see and do what I had planned for this country.That would have to be another post.------------------------------------------------------------------------



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